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Welcome to Low-Code Days On-Demand!

Our Fall virtual event  featured a keynote from LANSA leadership and product managers, followed by six 30-minute sessions on the hour every hour. These sessions (below) have curriculum focused on two things: super helpful low-code hacks and a sneak peek at LANSA’s exciting new solutions for enterprise dev teams.

                        Keynote: The LANSA Vision
Craig Trautman, GM, LANSA

Edgar Wharton, PM, LANSA

The Business Side of Low-Code
Tony Graham, Product Marketing Manager, LANSA

Progressive Web Apps/UX
Edgar Wharton, Product Manager, LANSA

Build a Custom Portal in No Time
Tony Graham, Product Marketing Manager, LANSA

A Deep Dive into Smart Modernization
Eugene King, Sales Engineer, LANSA

Adding APIs to Existing Apps
Jurgen Rentinck, Sales Engineer, LANSA

Debugging Your Web Application
Andrew Vaiciunas, Sales Engineer, LANSA

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